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Parsons, Thomas J. PARSONS at afip.osd.mil
Fri Sep 4 17:42:09 EST 1998


The Research Section of the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
(AFDIL) announces two new positions of Research DNA Technologist, to be
filled immediately.  Successful candidates will fill key technical and
laboratory operation management roles in a Research Section that
supports high-throughput DNA identification testing of mitochondrial and
nuclear loci.  Activities of the Research Section include:  1)
Development, optimization, and forensic validation of new techniques and
protocols relating to high volume "Ancient DNA" testing of human
skeletal remains, 2)  high-throughput mtDNA sequence databasing (control
region and complete mtDNA genome), 3) investigations of mutation rate
and developmental segregation of human mitochondrial DNA, 4) population
genetic and evolutionary analysis of mtDNA and nuclear loci as relate to
forensic identification.  Successful candidates will work in close
association with Research Section Chief, graduate students, interns, and
members of AFDIL nuclear and mitochondrial Casework sections.
Responsibilities will include:  1)  execution of molecular biological
benchwork (emphasis on PCR and automated fluorescent sequencing, ancient
DNA extraction), 2) laboratory organization, stocking, quality assurance
record keeping, 3) research project planning, implementation, and
tracking, 4) reagent preparation,  5) oversight and technical training
of interns, visiting scientists, etc... 6) coauthorship on primary
research publications.

Minimum requirements for the positions are a Bachelor's degree, two
years laboratory experience, and concentrated training in some or all of
the following: molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics,
forensics, population biology, biostatistics.  Candidates with higher
degrees are encouraged to apply for these relatively advanced
technologist positions.  Optimal candidates will have employment
histories demonstrating self-motivation, maturity, and the ability to
function very effectively in a teamwork environment.  Forensic
experience is not required, but successful candidates must perform with
the strong attention to procedural detail that is required in forensic
science.  Employment is contractual through the American Registry of
Pathology, and offers a comprehensive benefits package.  Salary range is

Search will remain open until late September 1998, or until suitable
candidates are employed.  To apply, submit cover letter, resume, and
contact information for three professional references to:

Thomas Parsons, Ph.D.			
Chief, Research Section
Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
1413 Research Blvd
Rockville, MD  20850
FAX: 301-295-5932	
PHONE:  301-319-0268

--or-- American Registry of Pathology Personnel Office, FAX:

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