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Oswaldo Trelles ots at ac.uma.es
Mon Sep 21 12:47:45 EST 1998

 From   : Oswaldo Trelles (ots at ac.uma.es)
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 Subject: test data set wanted
 Dear netter, we have developed a new method to parallel implementation
 of the DNAml program, a method to construct phylogenetic tree from DNA
 sequences (please, see references). We have applied successfully to the 
 analysis of ribosomal RNA data. Here we have the interest to apply it 
 to analyse other interesting data set consisting of large number of DNA 
 sequences and construct phylogenetic tree. 
 Who can point out to us such data sets?
 Best regards and thank you very much in advance
 "Parallel implementation of DNAml program on message-passing architectures"
 Parallel Computing, 24 (1998), 701-716
 Ceron, Dopazo, Zapata, Carazo, & Trelles
 "New phylogenetic venues opened by a novel implementation of the
 DNAml algorithm"
 Bioinformatics, vol.14 (6) 1998, 544-545
 Dr. Oswaldo Trelles 
 Associate Professor                             Titular de Universidad
 Computer Architecture Dept.                    Phone: +(34) 52.13.2823
 University of Malaga                             Fax: +(34) 52.13.2790 
 Campus de Teatinos                            E-mail:  ots at ac.uma.es         
 29071 Malaga, Spain                         http://www.ac.uma.es/~ots/    

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