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An invitation to 

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Hi Folks,

Some of you may remember a thread in the spring about extending the Human
Genome Project to include non-human apes.  This past July I attended to
GAWC3 in Kuching where I took part in a discussion of working to extend
the HGE to include non-human apes under the auspice of the Hominoid Genome
Evolution.  To that end we now have a discussion list set up as:

> a forum for the discussion of, and
>the organization for, the inclusion of other apes into the Human Genome
>Project under the auspice of Human Genome Evolution.

There are many avenues for this discussion to follow.  To begin with we
need to organize our sequencing efforts.  I am very excited about this
list and hope there are people out there who will want to take part.  I
have attached some simple subscribe/unsubscribe instructions.  If you know
of any person or organization, or list that may have interested members
please do me the huge favour of forwarding this invitation.  

A couple general things:

The list is, and I hope will remain, an unmoderated list.  As the list
administrator, I ask that all posts be written with respect.

There will be an archive (I guess there is now) set up.  The archive is in
two parts and can be accessed on the web.  I will send out full details as

How to subscribe
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How to unsubscribe 
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