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Brigitte Pakendorf fb8a044 at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Apr 5 15:00:14 EST 1999

Dear regular PHYLIP users!

I'm just starting to use the programmes, and have problems that I 
can't find the answers to, neither in the FAQ on the homepage, nor 
in the documentation. I'm sure they're just due to my omitting 
some little vital information, but I just can't figure out what that 
might be. 

The problem is that although I have an input file called *.inf with the 
data (sequences) in the correct input format (I hope; I've checked 
and rechecked against the programme documentations: 1. line 
only containing the number of OTUs and number of sites, then the 
sequences, with each OTU-label being 10 spaces long), whenever I 
try to open up one of the programmes (eg DNADIST, DNAML etc), I 
get the message "can't read infile".

Could somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Do I need to 
specify the directory, in which my input file can be found? Or is 
something wrong with my input format after all?

Thanks a lot,

Brigitte Pakendorf

Brigitte Pakendorf
Institute of Human Biology
Allendeplatz 2
D-20146 Hamburg
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