Workshop in Computational Biology, May 6-8

Scott Steppan steppan at bio.fsu.edu
Tue Apr 6 18:22:03 EST 1999

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Workshop in Computational Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

The Program in Computational Science and Engineering and the Department
of Biological Science at Florida State University is hosting a Workshop
in Computational Evolutionary Biology and Ecology on May 6-8 on the
campus in Tallahassee.  The workshop is designed to bring together
researchers with a variety of perspectives in computational aspects of
evolutionary biology and ecology to discuss those problems in the
discipline for which computational approaches offer promising answers
and to outline the areas in which new computational research can have
the greatest impact.  The product of the workshop will be a short "white
paper" that outlines the research horizons in the discipline and the
most promising directions for new work.

The participants who will present their ideas and work include, among
others, Lee Altenberg, William Bruno, James Haefner, Kevin Higgins, John
Huelsenbeck, Junhyong Kim, Tandy Warnow, William Wilson, and Ziheng

The workshop is open to interested biologists, mathematicians, and
computational scientists.  For information about location, arrangements,
and costs, please see our web http://www.cse.fsu.edu/workshop.html or
contact Connie Stoutamire (connie at cse.fsu.edu).

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