why, Why, WHY???

Tim Tillman tillman at ithink.net
Fri Apr 9 21:12:11 EST 1999

Tim Tillman <tillman at ithink.net> wrote in message
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> I did not want to post this question to sci.bio.evolution because I wanted
> serious discussion to possibly develop.  OK, here's the question ...
> DNA utilizes deoxyribose (5C) in its sugar-phosphate backbone.  The
> is why is this so?  Why wasn't arabinose (4C), any hexose or levo-hexose
> (6C) used?

Higgins responded via email ...

> The Earth-centric view would likely be in the vein of Gould's "It's a
> Wonderful Life" in that it's a 'frozen' accident.

OK, if the fact that ribose was chosen for incorporation is a 'frozen'
accident, what was the selective pressure that caused ribose to prevail and
kept it on the job lo these many years?


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