anatomy vs sequence phylogeny

Max, Edward Max at cber.fda.gov
Fri Apr 23 22:05:53 EST 1999

The Email below was sent to me by a reader of an article I posted at

Can anyone suggest a reference for this person, preferably non-technical,
that would compare phylogenies deduced from anatomy vs sequence comparisons?
As I am not a regular reader of this newsgroup, an Email reply to me
(max at cber.cber.fda.gov) would be appreciated.  (I would also be interested
in any suggestions relating to the article at the above URL.)


Ed Max

  I have read in the Talkorigins FAQs and elsewhere that the evolutionary trees of descent derived from anatomical analysis are in consistent agreement
with trees of descent based on genetic similarities. However, besides the well known genetic (and anatomical) similarities between Homo sapiens and Chimpanzees, I have been unable to find any other data that provides a detailed example of this fact. I don't wish to take up too much of your time,
but if you are aware of any Talkorigin files or other web links that may help
me here it would be greatly appreciated.

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