Nucleotide Diversity

Alfred E. Szmidt alf at serv.tfri.gov.tw
Thu Aug 5 11:20:38 EST 1999


You can calculate these parameters with the DNASP program available at 



In article <7oa5ds$hik at net.bio.net>, mjcann at med.cornell.edu says...
>Hello All,
>I wish to calculate values for nucleotide polymorphism (theta) and
>nucleotide diversity (pi).  Does anyone know of a nice freeware program
>that will do it for me.  If not, what is the easiest way of going from
>DNA sequence to lovely numbers!?
>Many thanks for your help
>Martin Cann
>Department of Pharmacology
>Weill Medical College of Cornell University
>e-mail:  mjcann at med.cornell.edu

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