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Georgiana May gmay at maroon.tc.umn.edu
Thu Aug 19 10:41:24 EST 1999

To the moderators of molevol.  I would like to post the following postdoc 
positon on the molevol net.  I am sure it is appropriate for this group but if 
you have any questions or comments on the ad, please contact me.

Georgiana May
Dept. Plant Biology
U. Minnesota

Dear Colleague,

I am conducting a search for a postdoctoral position in my laboratory.  The 
focus of the research will be on the evolutionary mechanisms maintaining 
variation at Phytophthora infestans  resistance loci (R genes) in potato and in 
the related species,  especially Solanum demissum..  Because S. demissum as well
as some varieties of S. tuberosum are polyploid, we will address R gene 
variation in polyploids as well.  In addition to participating in a 
interdisciplinary research group, I believe that the postdoctoral position 
represents a unique opportunity for an evolutionary biologist to enter into 
genome level analyses.  The position is funded for the next 3 years through a 
grant from NSF Plant Genome Initiative.

My own research focus is turning from the analysis of selection and molecular 
evolution of mating compatibility genes to the evolutionary interactions of 
plants and microbes.  A continuing interest is the relative importance of 
selection and neutral evolutionary processes in the evolution of genes 
recognizing self and non-self (May et al. 1999; Badrane and May 1999).  The 
plant R gene loci represent an opportunity to extend theory and experiment into 
dynamic, multigenic systems on the genome level.

The Department of Plant Biology and U. Minnesota represent an excellent 
intellectual setting for these research activities.  In addition to major 
initiatives in plant and animal genome-level studies, the interactions between 
disciplinary fields in graduate groups such as the Center for Community Genetics
is top notch.  

Thanks for your help, we are eager to get the work underway!

Georgiana May
Associate Professor
Dept. Plant Biology
U. Minnesota
St. Paul, MN  55108
gmay at maroon.tc.umn.edu

May, G., Shaw, F., Badrane, H. and X. Vekemans  (1999)  The signature of 
balancing selection: Fungal mating compatibility gene evolution.  Proc. Natl. 
Acad. Sci.  96:9172-9177.

Badrane, H. and May, G.  (1999) The divergence-homogenization duality in the 
evolution of the b1 mating type gene of Coprinus cinereus..  Mol. Biol. Evol. 


Postdoctoral Position
Evolution of Plant Resistance Loci

Postdoctoral research associate to study of the evolution of plant resistance 
loci with genomic and molecular evolutionary  approaches.  The project part is 
of a interdisciplinary NSF-sponsored plant genome study of potato, potato 
relatives and Phytophthora infestans late blight disease resistance loci.  The 
emphasis of this study is on the evolution and maintenance of variation in 
potato and related, polyploid Solanum  species.  Because several species in the 
Solanaceae are also included in other mapping projects, the evolutionary 
mechanisms by which resistance loci generate and maintain variation can be 
critically examined.   Funding Oct. 1, 1999 for 3 years.

Applicants having strong interests in the evolution of plant/microbe 
interactions and with training in either plant molecular genetics or in 
molecular evolution are encouraged to apply.  To apply, send a curriculum vitae,
names of three references with contact information and a letter of inquiry, to:

Dr. Georgiana May
Dept. Plant Biology
220 BioSciences Bldg.
U. Minnesota
1445 Gortner Ave.
St. Paul, Minnesota  55108
gmay at maroon.tc.umn.edu


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