International Symposium on the Evolution of Vertebrates

Axel Janke axel.janke at gen.lu.se
Tue Aug 24 19:11:40 EST 1999

                      International Symposium on the

                          Evolution of Vertebrates

                            October 21-23, 1999
                         University of Lund, Sweden

                 Organized by Ulfur Arnason and Axel Janke


     Einar Arnason, Lois de Bonis, Gunnar Broberg, Jacques Gauthier,
     Dan Graur, Stephane Ducrocq, Marc Godinot, Takashi Gojobori, Eric
     Harley, David Hillis, Anna Härlid, Jacques Jaeger, Philippe
     Janvier, John Kirsch, Kent Larsson, Robert Martin, Ann-Sofie
     Rasmussen, Frank Ruddle.


     Primate evolution, early mammalian radiations, reptile
     relationships, avian phylogeny, basal vertbrate divergencies.

Registration: free, mail to: meeting at gepard.gen.lu.se
Abstract submission for short contributions (15min) or  posters, mail
to: Axel.Janke at gen.lu.se
Further information about the meeting: http://phylo.gen.lu.se
Information for travel and accomodation:

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