introns-exons starts and ends.

Brice Quenoville quenovib at naos.si.edu
Tue Aug 24 19:12:34 EST 1999


I have 2 quick questions that may sound very naive but
hopefully not too much. I am analysing fish DNA sequences of
an nuclear gene, Creatine Kinase type M, and use data from
Genbank to help me indentify exons and introns starts and
ends. I was just wondering 2 things:

1/Is the so called GT-AG rule stating that all eukaryotic
nuclear introns begin with a GT and finish with a AG
believed to be that universal or not? If yes would these GT
and AG always be excised when going to cDNA or can they (or
part of them) be part of it? 

2/Is it possible that, searching for a reading frame, a
codon triplet would begin at the end of one exon and finish
at the beginning of the next or is each exon a complete
succession of codons (I would guess so but)?

Thanks a lot for any help,

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