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Sergio Rassu rassu at ssnet.it
Mon Jan 11 11:09:09 EST 1999

Dear Sirs,

could you inform the researchers that the book entitled: Human
Immunodeficiency Virus: Biology; Immunology and Molecular Biology is now

	There  are 23 chapters in the book encompassing the basic and clinical
aspects of HIV research.  The chapters are being written by very well
renowned authors in the HIV area such Joshua Lederberg who shared the
most coveted Nobel prize with Beadle and Tatum; José Esparza Leader of
the Vaccine Team  with the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
(UNAIDS), in Geneva; Thierry E. Mertens, Director of HIV/AIDS and
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (ASD) in the World Health Organization
(WHO), Geneva; Bernhard Schwartlander, Responsible for global
epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Monitoring & Evaluation of UNAIDS and the
programme’s impact on the epidemic; Renu B. Chief of the Immunology
Section, Retrovirus Disease Branch, Division of HIV/AIDS, STD and TB
Laboratory Studies, National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta; Michael C. Sneller, Chief,
Immunologic Diseases Section, LIR/NIAID, Rockville Pike Bethesda; Thomas
Werner Head of the "AG BIODV", Institute of Mammalian Genetics, Institut
fur Saugetiegenetik,  OberschelBheim, Germany; George N. Pavlakis, Head,
ABL-Basic Research Program, National Cancer Institute-FCR&DC, Frederick

Our survey clearly indicates that this book is the  most comprehensive
book written on HIV with over 5000 references. In addition, the book is
quite up to date having a majority of references from 1998.

I think that this book should be present in the shelf of the researchers
in the HIV area. Should you need more information about us and the book,
please visit our website at http://medicalsystems.editoria.com, or
contact by my e-mail (rassu at ssnet.it). I will be more than happy to
answer your queries.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanking you in advance. Best regards.

Best regards.

Sergio Rassu M.D.
Via Pietro Nenni, 6
07100 Sassari
Tel & Fax: +39 79 79 270464
E-mail: rassu at ssnet.it
URL: http://medicalsystems.editoria.com

Medical Systems S.p.A.
Via Rio Torbido, 40
16165 Genova
Tel. +39 10 83401
Fax: +39 10 809070

Biology, Immunology and Molecular Biology

Nitin Saksena
ICPMR WestMead Hospital
 Westmead NSW 2145




Preface ( Nitin K. Saksena, Australia)

1. HIV: Progress and Future Challenges (Anthony L. Cunningham)

2. Pandemic as a natural Evolutionary phenomenon (Joshua Lederberg, USA)

3. Global epidemiology of HIV (Bernhard Schwartlander, E. Pisani and
Thierry Mertens, Switzerland) 

4. Lentivirus Long Terminal Repeats (LTRs): Functions and common
features (Thomas Werner and
Ruth Brack-Werner, Germany)

5. Structural Genes of HIV and their biological functions (Nitin K.
Saksena and Bin Wang, Australia)

6. Regulatory genes of HIV (George Pavlakis, USA and Roland Stauber,

7. HIV-1 accessory genes: Role in viral pathogenesis (Velapandi Ayyavoo,
S. Kudchodkar and David
Weiner, USA)

8. HIV-1 Replication (Peng Li, Australia)

9. Recombination of Primate lentiviruses genomes (David L. Robertson,
France and Feng Gao, USA)

10. Concepts in Virus "Quasispecies": Is Variety the spice of life?
(Donald B. Smith, U.K.)

11. Neuropathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 infection
(Shizuko Sei and
Maureen M. Goodenow, USA)

12. Immunopathogenesis of HIV-1: Role of coreceptors and other pathogens
in modulating HIV
expression (Renu B. Lal, Subhash Dhawan, Lihua Xiao, Altaf A. Lal and
Charlene S. Dezzutti, USA)

13. Mutation, recombination, and dynamics of HIV-1 in vivo (Vinay K.
Pathak and Wei-Shau Hu,

14. Host gene polymorphism: effects of HIV entry, transmission and
disease course (Janet M. Nicholl,
J.S. McDougal, Vineet N. Kewalramani, Dawn Smith, Shoukat H. Qari and
Thomas Hodge, USA)

15. HIV and Immune regulatory factors: Cytokines and Chemokines (Benhur
Lee and Luis J.
Montaner, USA)

16. Simian Immunodeficiency viruses: their biology, origin and evolution
(Preston A. Marx, USA)

17. Phylogenetic methods and HIV evolution (Thomas Leitner, USA)

18. HIV and Cancer (Samuel Milliken, Australia)

19. Vaccines for HIV (Saladin Osmanov and Jose Esparza, Switzerland)

20. HIV gene Therapy (Elizabeth A. Rich and Kuan-Teh Jeang, USA)

21. Immunologic approaches to HIV treatment (Michael C. Sneller, USA)

22. Opportunistic infections in AIDS (Cynthia Whitener and John J.
Zurlo, USA)

23. Clinical management of HIV disease and antiretroviral therapy (David
A. Fulcher, Australia)

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