Conference on Evolution on Planet Earth

Marquita Baird MARQUITA at linnean.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 22 15:29:42 EST 1999

Dear All,

The Linnean Society of London will be host a conference over the three
days on :-      Evolution on Planet Earth: the Impact of the Physical  =20

Programmes details below :

                        Thursday  6th May 1999

09.00           Registration and Coffee

                The Earth=C6 atmosphere and the building blocks of life

09.45           Lynn Rothschild: Setting the Scene

10.00           Earth, Mars and Venus, in the  Hadean and Early   =20
                Archaean: a review of the evidence for life=92s first =20
                home. (Euan Nisbet, Royal Holloway).

10.30           Nitrogen: origin of the N cycle and its importance to=20
                evolution (Rocco Mancinelli, SETI  Institute).
11.00           Coffee

11.30           Oxygen:  its influences on metazoan evolution (Bruce=20
                Runnegar, UCLA).

12.00           Chemistry of the oceans: the environment of early=20
                evolution (Keith Skene & John Raven, Dundee).

12.30           Carbon dioxide: its impact on plant evolution (Bill=20
                Chaloner, Royal Holloway).=20

13.00           Lunch


14.00           The Sun: engine of life (Lynn Rothschild, NASA).

14.30           The Space Evolution : Its Impact on cross -=20
                contamination in the Solar System (Gerda Horneck,    =20

Molecular evolution

15.00           Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Influence of Habitats
on Genome Evolution
                (Jim Lake, UCLA).

15.30           Tea=20

16.00           Gravity: A weightty topic Emily Holton, NASA).

16.30           Overcoming gravity: locomotion in land, air and water=20
                (Jeremy Rayner, Bristol).

                        Friday 7th May 1999


09.15           Temperature and the physics of evolution (Geraat=20
                Vermeij, UC Davis).

09.45           High temperatures:  some like it hot (John Baross, U. of=20

10.15           Low temperature: the case of the Antarctic biota (Andrew=20
                Clarke, BAS).

10.45           Coffee

                                The dynamic Earth

11.15           Keynote address: The tension between biotic and physical =
                factors in macroevolution  (Dave Jablonski, Chicago).

12.00           Drifting continental and the lives of dinosaurs :  a=20
                test case from  Madagascar  (Cathy Forster, Stony =20

12.30           Land-sea relations and speciation (A. Lister & P.=20
                Rawson, UCL).

13.00           Lunch

14.00           Quaternary glaciations, range changes and speciation=20
                (Godfrey Hewitt, UEA).

14.30           Tectonics and climate: Adaptive evolution in Tertiary=20
                mammals (Christine Janis, Brown University).
15.00           Mass extinctions: their causes and evolutionary impact=20
                (Norm MacLeod,  NHM).

15.30           Tea

16.00           Climate change: its impact on Hominid speciation in the=20
                Pliocene (Rick  Potts, Smithsonian).

16.30           Climatic change and the origins of agriculture and=20
                civilisation (David Harris, Institute of Archaeology,  =20

17.00           Closing remarks and discussion (Adrian Lister, UCL).

                                Booking Form.

I wish to attend the Evolution on Planet Earth: The Impact of the
Physical Environment on Thursday 6 May 1999 and Friday 7 May 1999.


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Registration Fee (two days)                                     =A3 45.00
Registration Fee (one day)                                      =A3 25.00
Lunch (per day)                                                 =A3 13.00
Reception                                                       =A3  8.00

Cheque (GBP or USD) should be made payable to the Linnean Society of
London.  Alternatively you can pay by Visa, Mastercard Card or Access.

Credit Card Number:                                     Date of Expiry:

Address at which your Visa, Master Card or Access Card registered, if
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                                        Meetings Officer
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                        E-mail Marquita at linnean.demon.co.uk

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