what Mac/PC programs can read PHYLIP treefiles?

Byron J. Adams bjadams at ucdavis.edu
Tue Mar 30 14:44:58 EST 1999

>What Mac and/or Windows programs can read and/or edit
>output from PHYLIP tree building programs (neighbor DNAML etc)?
>Reading either the treefile or the outfile would be fine.
>We generally create trees using PHYLIP and store the
>outfiles and treefiles and many users would like to
>download the pre-built tree and manipulate them.

I use Rod Page's TreeView program to view and print treefiles.
It is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms and reads phylip,
newick, and nexus treefiles.  The version I have (1.5 for Mac PPC) also has
some handy, MacClade-like tree editing features, and allows for trees to be
exported in a variety of formats.



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