Genomics = Genome sequencing??

D. R. Forsdyke forsdyke at post.queensu.ca
Thu May 6 10:12:38 EST 1999

The leading article in Nature (15th April) is entitled "WAKE UP CALL
FOR JAPAN'S GENOMICS". On reading further one finds that it is about
genome sequencing, NOT genomics. 

   Of course, one has to have some sequence before one can begin
genomics, the latter being the STUDY of sequences, and all that this
entails (bioinformatic and evolutionary analysis for example). But, HOW

   The techological imperative seems to have taken over again. Give the
guys some sequencers and a genome, and they will go on and on until the
end, and then go about looking for MORE genomes. All this requires
megabucks whether you count in yen or dollars! How sad that so little of
this funding employed in doing REAL genomics.

Sincerely, Donald Forsdyke

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