distances in years

Mike Syvanen syvanen at ucdavis.edu
Wed May 19 15:06:54 EST 1999

Chris Botka wrote:

> I have a user who has constructed a tree using PAUP.  She would now
> like to represent the distances between the sequences in years.
> I am not sure that this is possible, or how accurate it might be,
> but I vaguely remember seeing a figure or 2 where the relationships
> between sequences in a tree were described using a divergence
> estimate in years.
> If anyone could direct me to a source where this is discussed, or a
> program that would make this estimate, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Chris

Don't even try to calibrate a PAUP tree with years.  I have looked into
and it shouldn't be done. ( I presume you are trying to calibrate a PAUP

phylogram and not a cladogram.)  This is what you should do.  Construct
nearest-neighbor or some other distance tree (you can use the topology
the PAUP output if you wish, but most packages will find the best
topology for
you).  You can then try to calibrate that tree following Brian Foley's

Mike Syvanen

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