estimated divergence times

oneiro at asu.edu oneiro at asu.edu
Fri May 21 19:54:49 EST 1999

	I am not sure if this answers your question, but nor am i sure 
that anyone else did either.  Perhaps you might try 

	  Kumar S, et al.          
          A molecular timescale for vertebrate evolution. 
          Nature. 1998 Apr 30;392(6679):917-20. 
          PMID: 9582070; UI: 98241226.
	  Hedges SB, et al.       
          Continental breakup and the ordinal diversification of birds 
	  and mammals. 
          Nature. 1996 May 16;381(6579):226-9. 
          PMID: 8622763; UI: 96208645.
	Pubmed has a lot on the subject I think.  Hope this helps, or at 
least doesn't wast your time.
	-Roman Johnson
           "Think you can, think you can't; either way you're right." 
				-Henry Ford

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