Fungal Phylogeny for PhD students

Johannes Woestemeyer Johannes.Woestemeyer at rz.uni-jena.de
Thu Sep 2 10:04:02 EST 1999

Dear colleagues!

Please forward this job offer to all those in your vicinity who could be
interested in working on molecular phylogeny of fungi: 

In a project financed by 'Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft' we work on
family and order structure of zygomycetes. Based on sequences of protein
coding genes from the cellular functions 'cell cycle control',
'cytoskeleton' and 'translational apparatus' we want to add the
phylogenetic dimension to a wealth of taxonomic knowledge and expertise in
this important fungal group. 

The position is to be filled beginning of October at the earliest and end
of the Winter term at the latest. Knowledge of German language is not

Experimental working conditions are good. We are technically well equipped
and have sound expertise at all levels of cloning and sequencing. Primers
for the required genes have been developed and checked in screening

Research is institutionally linked to an independent group at the institute
of General Microbiology and Microbial Genetics, the 'Fungal Reference
Centre' (FRC). The PhD candidate will be supervised by the FRC leader, Dr.
Kerstin Voigt and by myself in close cooperation. Both supervisors have
their experimental skills in this and other fields and perform experiments
themselves within the project.  

We expect a highly motivated young colleague, integration into a vivid
multidisciplinary institute, some expertise in Genetics and Molecular
Biology as well as a feeling for evolutionary biology. Special taxonomic
knowledge of fungi is not requested at the beginning. 

If interested, please send your details to Dr. Voigt or to me:

Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena
Lehrstuhl fuer Allgemeine Mikrobiologie und Mikrobengenetik
Neugasse 24
D-07743 Jena

Email applications are also possible: please direct to b5wojo at rz.uni-jena.de 

I will call back for further details or in order to make appointments for a
personal date, ideally beginning of October.

Best wishes,
Johannes Woestemeyer


Prof. Dr. Johannes Woestemeyer
Institute of General Microbiology and Microbe Genetics
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena
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