Mr Prathik Dilip Jagtap pratique at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Sep 14 01:35:32 EST 1999

Dear pxj,
   The methods for same have been standardised. Do try a Medline search
for papers by Norman Pace, Delong, among others. There are quite a few
websites available with lots of links for Archaeal phylogenetic
    Try   http://geta.life.uiuc.edu/~nikos/LINKS.html

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On 10 Sep 1999, pxj wrote:

>   Hi everyone 
>      I am interested in  phylogenetic characterization of Archaea 16s-rRNA and the 
> method  how to decide Archaea concention in nature sea water. Thanks for your help.
>             pxj at jzw.cern.ac.cn


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