The Need for Speed

Mary K. Kuhner mkkuhner at kingman.genetics.washington.edu
Thu Sep 16 13:07:20 EST 1999

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Julian  <julian.robinson at plant-sciences.oxford.ac.uk> wrote:
>In response to these questions of speed etc, I think it would be useful
>(or even just intrinsically interesting) to compile a list of computer
>on a single data set. PAUP outputs time and rearrangements so it should
>be a simple matter of deciding on a data set or sets and then distributing
>Any  suggestions? I have several data sets of varying sizes etc.

The PHYLIP documentation has such benchmarks for some older machines;
you could pick up the two data sets (a "best case" data set with
very high information content, and a "worst case" noisy one) used
for that, and get a bunch of early-machine benchmarks for comparison.

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at genetics.washington.edu

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