Protein composition convergence

D Forsdyke forsdyke1 at home.com
Mon Sep 27 10:06:33 EST 1999

A Mitchell wrote:
> Peter Foster has a recent paper in JME showing that analyses of protein
> sequences can be affected by base composition biases in the DNA sequence.

      Of course, base composition affects on amino acid sequence have
been known since Sueoka (1961). He identified GC% pressure (C+G)%
pressure. Less well known is that one also has to consider fold pressure
(influence of DNA secondary structure; Ball 1972), and purine-loading
pressure (Szybalski et al. 1966),... to name but two intrinsic genomic
forces acting independently of conventional Darwinian Natural Selection.
These will also influence phylogenetic analyses. James McInerney may
find the information at the URL below of assistance.

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Kingston, Ontario.

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