Mammals evolved faster than dinosaurs?

Dunk pdunkel at magicnet.net
Fri Apr 14 15:20:48 EST 2000

Nick Hoggard <nick.hoggard at rocketmail.com> wrote:

>I read somewhere that mammals evolved faster than dinosaurs. Does anyone
>know of any mention of this?

Mamalian evolution was very slow for a long time, until the extinction
of the dinos.  The dinos also got their big break after an earlier mass
extinction.  The Cenozoic mammalian radiation was very fast compared to
the dino radiation.  Ditto for birds, doubtless helped by the extinction
of Pterosaurs.  For details, see Paul Serano's review of dino evolution
in Science, vol 204, pp2137-2147, esp p 2143 (25 June 1999).

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