Patristic distances

P.D.Olson P.Olson at nhm.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 04:39:11 EST 2000

> > I am trying to produce patristic distance matrices, hopefully from PAUP or
> > phylip tree files with branch lengths. PAUP* lets you produce such a matrix
> > but only parsimony as a criterion.

	Be careful--PAUP* ignores unordered multi-state charactes in 
its calculations of patristic distances and thus greatly 
underestimates them (despite the fact that it produces 
parsimony-based branch lengths that are correct).  I'm curious to 
know why(?)

>If you have access to a Macintosh, the new version of my program
>TreeEdit can create patristic matrices from trees. It can write
them in PHYLIP or NEXUS format.

	Sounds much easier than Philippe's MUST package!!!!!



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