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Nicole Dubilier ndubilie at postgate.mpi-bremen.de
Tue Aug 29 12:21:18 EST 2000


I'm a bit worried about bringing down the wrath of the entire ML
community on me for asking such a stupid question, but here goes:

what is the absolute worth of a log likelihood value for a final tree? I
understand that for a given data set I can try to improve ln log by
comparing runs with different e.g. transition/transversion ratios but
once I have found the best ln log value for my data set, how do I know
if this is a good value? For example, with my data sets I have -ln log
values around 12000 and this seems "bad" to me because in published
trees I have looked at -ln log values are usually around 2000 to 4000.

thanks very much, Nicole

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