information about molecular rates in mitochondrial COI gene in insects

vconfalo bibilu at bg.fcen.uba.ar
Sat Feb 26 17:38:06 EST 2000

dear collegues:
We are making a phylogeographic study in populations of a weevill. With
this aim, we have sequenced 300 bp of Cytochrome oxidase I from primer
S1718 (the number correspond to homologous sequence in Drosophila yakuba
(Clary and Wolstenholme, 1985) in 50 individuals from 5 populations.
Surprisingly, we observed a high incidence of intraespecific variability
which could be in disagreement with the rate of substitution proposed by
Browser (1994) for these genes in insects. I know that COI gene have been
divided in 25 regions by Lun et al (1996) (Insect Mol. Biol 5: 153-165),
who determined that mean nucleotide and aminoacid variability differs
across regions. Unfortunately, I couldnt find this paper so I would need
some help about information on different molecular rates across the regions
of COI or about some way of obtaining this paper.
Thanking you very much in advance,
I remain,    
Viviana Confalonieri
Dto. de Cs. Biologicas
Facultad de Cs. Exactas y Naturales
Universidad de Buenos Aires
(1428) Buenos Aires
TE (05411)4576-3300 Int.219
Fax (05411)45763384


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