locus for teaching purposes

Mary K.Kuhner mkkuhner at kingman.genetics.washington.edu
Mon Jul 10 15:07:20 EST 2000

I recently asked for help in picking out a locus
for use in a hands-on computational biology course.
I wanted something widely available, polymorphic
within species, and of fairly well understood
structure and function.

Here are the suggestions I got; perhaps they will also 
be useful to others.

Gene               # recommendations
beta globin                 3
alcohol dehydrogenase       2
mitochondrial coI           2
mitochondrial cytB          2
mitochondrial coII          1
alpha globin                1
p53                         1
18S rRNA                    1 (but no w/in population variation)

I am currently deciding between ADH and p53.  The globins
seem too well studied (not enough surprises there)
and the mitochondrial genes aren't ideal for trying out
methods to detect recombination.

Thanks to everyone who responded. 

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at genetics.washington.edu
Department of Genetics, UW


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