Basic mutations vs derivative mutations

Dmitry Korkin z17b3 at unb.ca
Sun Nov 5 15:44:11 EST 2000

We are developing a fundamentally new formal model for 
evolutionary class description (including molecular class 

In connection with this, (and taking into consideration that we are not
biologists by education) we would appreciate greatly information,
including references, regarding the following questions related to the
nature of mutations.

1. Since all mutations can be classified (according to Li, Molecular
evolution, p.23-34) as substitutions, recombinations (crossing-over, 
conversion), deletions inversions, insertions, and inversions, we 
want to
know how to order them with respect to their evolutionary 
Moreover, we would like to know what are the very basic mutations 
are responsible for the "construction" of other, more "advanced"

2. Are there any evidence about a possibility of a "cycle" in the
evolution of a particular biomolecule.

                     Dmitry Korkin,
                     University of New Brunswick


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