partially incomplete matrixes

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> Hi,
> I am posting this for a friend, thanks for him.
> Hi,
> Does anybody know of a program (preferably Macintosh) that could
construct phenograms (by any method) from distance matrixes which have a
few values missing?

Lapointe and Kirsch have created a number of programs to help with this
problem, and have published several papers about and using their methods.
You can start on that literature (and find those programs) by reading:

Lapointe, F.-J., and J. A. W. Kirsch. 1995. Estimating phylogenies from
lacunose distance matrices, with special reference to DNA hybridization
data. Mol. Biol. Evol. 12:226-284.

I think they have Mac versions of their programs, although I'm not quite sure.


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