Bayesian inference of phylogeny

John Huelsenbeck johnh at brahms.biology.rochester.edu
Mon Oct 23 18:25:32 EST 2000

MrBayes 1.0, a program for the Bayesian inference of phylogeny,
is now available at:


The program works for DNA sequence data. The features of the
program include:

   * Implements the most general 4 X 4 model of DNA substitution possible
     (the non-reversible model).

   * Several different methods for relaxing the assumption of
     equal rates across sites.

   * Inference of divergence times under the molecular clock
     constraint (the relaxed clock version will be released
     later). Multiple calibrations are allowed.

   * Inference of ancestral states. Uncertainty about the
     tree and model parameters are accommodated.

   * Inference of phylogeny using a variant of Markov chain
     Monte Carlo (called Metropolis-coupled Markov chain
     Monte Carlo).

   * A variety of methods for summarizing the results
     of the Markov chain.

   * Accommodation of sequencing error.

   * Extensive built-in help.

Source code and a Macintosh executable are provided. You cannot
beat the price, as the program is free.

John Huelsenbeck

John Huelsenbeck
Department of Biology
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY  14627


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