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Carol Eunmi Lee carollee at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 23 19:27:36 EST 2000

Postdoctoral Position:  Evolutionary Functional Genomics

Postdoctoral position is available at University of Wisconsin, Madison for
a project dealing with gene expression of aquatic invertebrates during
habitat invasions.  The invading species of interest is the common copepod
(crustacean) Eurytemora affinis, which occurs worldwide, and has invaded
freshwater habitats from salt water independently in different geographic
regions.  The objective is to determine the genetic motif of invasive vs.
non-invasive lineages of this species, and ultimately to determine genes
that are involved during habitat transitions.  This project will involve
examining multiple lineages of this species, as well as noninvasive
congeners, of both natural and artificially selected populations.  Please
consult my web site for details on the research in my laboratory.

Extensive experience working with RNA is required.  Experience working with
microarrays would be a big plus.  A strong background in statistics and
evolution is preferred, but not required.  Two years of funding is
available (at the NIH level), with more years possible pending proposal
funding.  Research will be conducted in my laboratory in the Department of
Zoology and in the Gene Expression Center within the Biotechnology Center
at UW-Madison.  If interested, please email me a description of your
current research along with your CV.


Carol Eunmi Lee, Ph.D.
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