mtDNA haplogroups vs hypervariable region

Guy Hoelzer hoelzer at unr.edu
Tue Oct 31 11:27:31 EST 2000

In article <8tl7of$f5d$1 at mercury.hgmp.mrc.ac.uk>, APTurner at aol.com wrote:

> As I understand it, haplogroups are defined by results of a RFLP analysis and 
> hypervariable regions are reported as exact sequences. If you know where an 
> HVR-1 sequence varies from the Cambridge Reference Sequence, can you infer 
> the haplogroup? If so, how -- is there a database someplace?

If someone has used the term "haplogroups" to mean the result of RFLP
analysis, I think it is a shame.  To me this term would mean something
like a clade of haplotypes, which could be inferred from either RFLP data,
or from sequence data, reflecting any part of (or the whole) the mtDNA

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