Genome Web Cast @ The American Museum of Natural History

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The American Museum of Natural History will offer a webcast of its
conference Sequencing the Human Genome: New Frontiers in Science and
Technology.  Speakers include:  Arthur L. Caplan, Director, Center for
Bioethics and Trustee Professor, University of Pennsylvania; Eric
Green, Chief, Genome Technology Branch, National Human Genome Research
Institute and Director, National Institutes of Health Intramural
Sequencing Center; Leroy Hood, President and Director, Institute for
Systems Biology; William Haseltine, Chairman & CEO, Human Genome
Sciences; Mary-Claire King, American Cancer Society Research Professor
of Genetics, University of Washington, and Harold Varmus, President,
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The webcast will be presented without breaks in two 5 hour sessions on
Friday, September 22, and Saturday, September 23 beginning at 1:00PM.
All of the footage will be archived and made available for viewing on
the Museums website in the future. For more information about the
conference and direct link to the webcast go to:

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