PAUPRat - tool to implement the parsimony ratchet with PAUP

Derek Sikes dss95002 at uconnvm.uconn.edu
Mon Jul 2 10:57:31 EST 2001

Dear users of PAUP* (with large datasets),

PAUPRat, a tool to implement Kevin Nixon's (1999) parsimony ratchet with
PAUP, is now available for download from:


or ( if the first site is too slow, or down):


There are 3 versions for different computer platforms and a pdf users

Macintosh, Linux (intel), and Windows (DOS-prompt)

The program is as-is, without plans for improvements (but it did find the
shortest tree length for the rbcl  500 taxon dataset in only 20 minutes!
Your results may vary)

Derek Sikes

[for the Mac version: upon launching the program, click the button labeled
'OK' and then use command-Q to quit the program.

PAUPRat will have created a setup file that you will edit.

The minimum that needs editing in the setup file is the specification of the
number of characters in your dataset (nchar=) ]

Nixon, K. C.  1999.  The Parsimony Ratchet, a new method for rapid parsimony
analysis.  Cladistics 15: 407-414.

Derek Sikes
Dept. of Ecology and Evol. Biology U-43
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269  USA

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dss95002 at uconnvm.uconn.edu

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