Quick Questions: Molecular Biology Software Tools

Mary K.Kuhner mkkuhner at kingman.genetics.washington.edu
Sat Jun 9 18:58:58 EST 2001

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>4.  What operating system (OS) would researchers "prefer" to use their
>software tools on: Unix/Linux, Mac,  or Windows?

I can say a bit about this.  I distribute programs which can run 
on all three platforms.  Registrations lately have run about
50% Windows, 40% Mac, 10% Unix (mix of Linux, various Sun OSes,
and Alphas).  However, people who actually write back and ask
questions about the software are more weighted to the Mac and
Unix users.  I suspect many of the Windows users download the
programs, find they are not GUI, and discard them, but I can't
know for sure.

It varies hugely from program to program, though; my labmate
also distributes programs, but in a slightly different subfield,
and sees a lot more Mac users than I do.

I personally would prefer a Unix program, especially one written
generically enough that I could, if necessary, try to get it
running in Mac OSX or in a DOS window.  But I'm a Unix geek from
way back.

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at genetics.washington.edu


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