post-doc on European human populations

Laurent Excoffier laurent.excoffier at zoo.unibe.ch
Tue Jun 26 03:35:37 EST 2001

In the framework of a European Union grant on the population structure
of European human populations, we anticipate that a 3-year
post-doctoral position will be available in Autumn 2001 in our lab.

We are looking for a scientist with a diploma and research interests
in statistics, population genetics, computer science or bioinformatics
to analyze molecular data generated by different European

The successful candidate will integrate the data in a web-accessible 
database, perform statistical analyses using either available or 
specifically developed programs, and participate in theoretical
developments of specific models to interpret the results.
Some light teaching and student supervision will be also required.

Knowledge of database and computer programming in C/C++, as well as
some familiarity with molecular genetic data will be a clear
Knowledge of German would be useful, but is not essential, as English
is the main language spoken in the lab. French is the other official
language of the University. Salaries will be in the range of 40-50,000
US$ per year depending on the age and experience of the candidate.

Interested individuals should refer to our web page
(http://www.cmpg.unibe.ch) to get more information on the other
activities of the lab.

The University of Bern is an equal-opportunity employer. Women and 
minorities are encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals should contact

Prof. Laurent Excoffier,
Computational and Molecular Population Genetics Lab,
Zoological Institute, University of Bern,
Baltzerstrasse 6,
3012 Bern, Switzerland
eMail: Laurent.Excoffier at zoo.unibe.ch


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