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>can anybody of help to me in calculating evolutionary distance using PHYLIP?

>a reply will save me.

I'm not positive I understand your question correctly, but I'll try.

If you want to calculate a table of distances among species, you can do
this with PHYLIP using the following programs:

DNA or RNA data:  dnadist
Protein data:  protdist
Gene frequency data:  gendist

If you want to examine a tree and calculate the evolutionary distance between
species based on that tree, you can do it by examining the branch lengths,
unless you are using parsimony.  Current PHYLIP does not give branch lengths
on its parsimony trees (though I believe the author plans to add this soon) so
if you need them you may wish to use another program, such as PAUP*.

If I haven't understood your question correctly, please feel free to write or
post with further details.

Best wishes,
Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at genetics.washington.edu
Felsenstein Lab, University of Washington


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