Perl modules for UPGMA algorithm

Santi Garcia-Vallve vallve at quimica.urv.es
Wed Mar 21 07:47:43 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

I want to create a web server to compare the codon usage of a group of
genes. The method that our research group has used succesfully consists in
calculating the codon usage of each gene, make a distance (derived from a
correlation coeficient) matrix for every pairwise comparisons and
constructing a dendogram using the UPGMA algorithm. Now, we use our own
FORTRAN programs and the program growtree from GCG. To do the same in a web
server I will rewritte our programs in Perl and create a CGI, but I need
some help with the UPGMA algorithm. Does anybody know where I can find a
PERL routine for the UPGMA algorithm? I have ckecked the bioperl modules
but it seems that there are not modules about constructing phylogenetic

Do you think it will be useful a web server like this?


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