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DeWoody, Andrew dewoody at fnr.purdue.edu
Wed Mar 21 08:32:39 EST 2001

Ph.D. Position(s) Available at Purdue University

A Ph.D. position(s) at Purdue University will be available beginning in the
Fall of 2001 to work on microsatellite DNA and parentage with J. Andrew
DeWoody. Opportunities exist for the successful candidate(s) to focus, at
least in part, on issues of genetic paternity and maternity in Lake
Tanganyika mouthbrooding fishes and on the molecular aspects of
microsatellite mutations. [Related recent publications can be found in:
Evolution 52: 1802, Genet. Res. Camb. 75: 95, Genetics 154: 1907, Copeia
2000: 740, Mol. Ecol. 9: 2119, Proc. Roy. Soc. B. 267: 2431.] Strong
molecular and quantitative skills are desired, but not required; a keen
interest in the natural history of vertebrates is required. Please email a
short letter of interest, including cumulative GPA, GRE scores, and three
letters of recommendation to: J. Andrew DeWoody, Dept. Forestry and Natural
Resources, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN 47907-1159 (email:
dewoody at fnr.purdue.edu). Ph.D. assistantships are currently funded at nearly
$17,000 per year. Positions are open until filled.  Women and minorities are
encouraged to apply. Purdue University is an equal opportunity affirmative
action employer.


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