bootstrap values

Bob Friedman friedmar at biol.sc.edu
Thu Mar 22 16:39:35 EST 2001

The tree drawing/viewing programs place the bootstrap values at the nodes.
The value refers to the support for the internal branch adjacent to the
node.  When the tree isn't rooted, the value could be misinterpreted but
that is more a problem at interpreting unrooted trees than a problem with
placement of the bootstrap value.
Bob Friedman

"Kerstin Hoef-Emden" wrote in message Hi to all,
> some time ago, I read a small thread, I cannot remember whether in this
> group or another related one, about where to place the bootstrap values
> in a tree. One response was, that in rooted trees the bootstrap values
> to be placed at the nodes, but in unrooted trees on the branches.
> Does somebody know references addressing this item?
> Regards and thanks in advance,
> Kerstin Hoef-Emden
> --
> kerstin.hoef-emden at uni-koeln.de


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