universal primer pair for fishes

Fabio Colombo fabio.colombo at unimi.it
Thu Oct 4 05:13:50 EST 2001

I'm searching for a PCR universal primer pair for fishes.
For "universal primer pair for fishes" I mean a pair of primers which
amplificates only fishes (teleostei and crtilagineous) and not other big

animal zoological classes, as mammalian or aves.
Many thanks for any answer,
Fabio Colombo
Dott. Fabio Colombo
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Veterinarie per la Sicurezza
Department of Veterinary Sciences and Technologies for Food Safety
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20137 Milano (Italy)
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Fax: +39-02-5835-8501
E.mail: fabio.colombo at unimi.it

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