text format graph tree from PHYLYP/CLUSTAL tree?

Rick Ree rick at bioinformatics.org
Wed Oct 10 12:30:06 EST 2001

You could try recompiling PHYLIP after editing the source code to
allow longer taxon names.  The limit is #defined in one of the header

You could also use PAUP.


Vladimir <vpolevoy at yahoo.com> writes:

> Could you recommend any UNIX tool to make a text format tree like
>       +---AC025769.3.197846.211474.2
>   +---87
>   |   +---ENSP00000252906
> --90
>   +---AC008537.5.1.169089.2
> from PHYLYP/CLUSTALW tree files (NEWIC format)
> PHYLIP can produce the text format tree, but it can't handle labels
> more 10 characters in length.
> Thank for any suggestions
> Vladimir
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