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>I am working on a comparison of various tree-building algorithms,
>especially those for network like trees (SplitsTree for example).
>I am trying to find some more information on a method called "median
>networks". It was used by Richards et al., Am.J.of Hum.Gen., 1996
>Has anyone got information on that method? software sources? links to
>further information? 

The chief researcher on these is Hans-J"urgen Bandelt.  In fact, he is
at your University!  So ask him.

Bandelt H-J, Forster P, Sykes BC, Richards MB (1995) Mitochondrial portraits of
   human populations using median networks.  Genetics 141:743-753 

Bandelt, Hans-Jurgen, et al. Median-joining networks for inferring
   intraspecific phylogenies. Molec Bio and Evol. Vol 16 (1), Jan 1999

Their software is at:    http://www.fluxus-engineering.com/sharenet.htm
   and there is a reference page there, with more papers on these techniques

(And after you get into this, look up the coalescent likelihood methods too!)

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