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Abstract System in Life Sciences

Sat Feb 8 20:53:16 EST 2003

I would like to collect examples from the life sciences - from
molecular biology to neuropsychology - of systems that may be
described abstractly as follows. Either implicitly (or better,
explicitly), the system conforms to the pattern of a specified set of
maps from inputs to outputs, together with a specified single map from
outputs to inputs. Thus, given such a map from inputs to outputs, and
given one input, an output is determined. Using the map from outputs
to inputs, another input is determined, and so on, in a cycle of
inputs to outputs to inputs. In other words, one  selected map
together with a single input determines a possibly infinite sequence
of inputs (and outputs). The sequence might possibly loop back on
itself, then again it might not. For a given input, a different map
from inputs to outputs might very well determine a very different
sequence of inputs (and outputs). There is no mention of probability
in the above. There is no mention of time for the transition from one
input to the next - the time could be a finite amount of time that is
always the same, it could be a finite amount of time that varies
depending on the input, or it could be an infinitesimal amount of
time. Of particular interest would be such a sequence of transitions
that can be "expanded" or "broken down" in terms of more "minute"
transitions of some other system of the same type, but at a "higher
resolution" level. I am not interested in examples from computer
science, artificial life, cellular automata, or physics. The focus is
on examples from the life sciences, at any level whatsoever. Please
reply off-line at XTALV1 at NETROPOLIS.NET, thanks.
Ellis D. Cooper

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