UK PhD studentship - Conservation Genetics

William Jordan w.jordan at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Mar 10 10:08:02 EST 2003

Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London

PhD Studentship in Conservation Genetics
to commence in Autumn 2003

Patterns of genetic variability during the
decline of Iberian Atlantic salmon populations.

Declines in Spanish Atlantic salmon populations
have been documented since the 19th century,
probably due to a combination of habitat loss,
overexploitation, infectious diseases and
global climate change, such that now they are
among the most endangered salmon populations
in Europe. Despite their often small sizes,
Spanish populations harbour a relatively large
amount of genetic diversity. This project will
investigate whether these levels of genetic
diversity result from an input of novel
genetic material as a consequence of stocking
with non-native fish or whether other
mechanisms (e.g. gene flow or natural selection)
act to maintain genetic diversity above that
expected from population demographic data. See
http://www.zoo.cam.ac.uk/ioz/jobs.htm for
further project details.

This studentship is funded by a Natural
Environment Research Council quota award
to the Institute of Zoology. UK students
qualify for both fees and a stipend, EU students
qualify for fees only. Contact Bill Jordan at
bill.jordan at ioz.ac.uk with informal enquiries.

The Institute of Zoology (IoZ) is the research
division of the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).
It is a government-funded research institute
specialising in scientific issues relevant to
the conservation of animal species and their
habitats. The Institute is based at ZSL's
Regent=B9s Park site, London.
See http://www.zoo.cam.ac.uk/ioz/index.htm for
further details.

Applicants should have a strong interest in
conservation genetics and preferably have
some experience in molecular techniques,
have (or expect to obtain) at least a 2i degree in
a relevant subject. Applications should take
the form of a covering letter and c.v. (with names,
 postal address and email address of three
professional referees) sent to Dr W C Jordan,
Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of
London, Regent=B9s Park, London NW1 4RY.

Deadline for applications: 4 April 2003.

Dr W C Jordan
Institute of Zoology
Zoological Society of London
Regent's Park
London NW1 4RY
Tel: 020 7449 6631
Fax: 020 7586 2870
email: w.jordan at ucl.ac.uk or bill.jordan at ioz.ac.uk


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