postdoctoral position in Paris

Puri Lopez puri.lopez at ese.u-psud.fr
Thu Mar 13 04:00:50 EST 2003

A post-doctoral position funded by the French Research Council (CNRS) is
available for 2 years to work in the team "Microbial diversity, genomics
and evolution" headed by P. L=F3pez-Garc=EDa and D. Moreira.


The successful candidate will work on any of the following subjects that
are going on in the lab:

1) Molecular microbial ecology of extreme environments. We are currently
studying deep oceanic microbial communities, from deep-sea plankton and
sediment to hydrothermal vents. The study of other environments is also
envisaged. This project will be based on the use of molecular methods (rRNA
and conserved protein gene amplification and sequencing followed by
phylogenetic analysis) to characterise the diversity of prokaryotic
(archaea + bacteria) and eukaryotic lineages. We aim at addressing
community composition as well as biogeographical aspects. This part of the
project may be complemented with in situ hybridisation methods (e.g. FISH)
and metagenomic approaches.

2) Protist phylogeny and evolution. We are interested in the resolution of
problematic regions of the eukaryotic tree. We intend to apply a double
approach consisting of the phylogenetic analysis of conserved genes from
both, cultured species and environmental samples, as well as the isolation
and characterisation of novel protist species from traditionally
undersampled habitats (e.g. deep ocean). This work requires the combination
of molecular and classical techniques.



UMR-CNRS 8079 "Ecologie, Syst=E9matique & Evolution"
Universit=E9 Paris-Sud, b=E2timent 360
91405 ORSAY Cedex, France

Our institute is located at the campus of Orsay, which is 25 km south from
Paris (30 min by direct train) in a peaceful and pleasant green area. The
university hosts a large variety of scientific institutes and entertains
interactions with other institutions. For more detailed information, you
can visit the university site at http://www.u-psud.fr/

Our research team has a privileged access to facilities such as microarray
construction platform (CNRS, Gif sur Yvette) or to an anaerobic cultivation
chamber (Institut de G=E9n=E9tique et Microbiologie).


The candidate must have passed his/her PhD and can be of any nationality
except French. He/she should be familiar with molecular biology techniques
(PCR, cloning, etc) and/or phylogenetic analyses and/or classical
protistology (isolation and morphological-structural characterisation).
Starting date  flexible (preferable from September/October 2003 on, but
alternative dates can be considered).
The salary will be calculated by the CNRS as a function of the candidate's


Inquiries accompanied of a curriculum vitae and the name of one/two
referees should be addressed to any of us:

Purificaci=F3n L=F3pez-Garc=EDa  e-mail: puri.lopez at ese.u-psud.fr
David Moreira - e-mail: david.moreira at ese.u-psud.fr

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