PopG 3.0 population genetics simulation program released

joe at removethispart.gs.washington.edu joe at removethispart.gs.washington.edu
Mon Nov 17 17:17:40 EST 2003

PopG version 3.0 has been released.  PopG (formerly called Simul8) simulates
evolution of a single locus in the presence of natural selection,
mutation, migration, and genetic drift.  The program is free (in the sense
of "free beer") with executables and its source code and compilation support
files available.  No special permissions or licenses are needed to run
multiple copies of the program in a class.

Executables are available for Windows, MACOS 9, MACOS X, and Intel-compatible
Linux.  Although most users will not want or need to recompile it, compilation
support machinery is available with the source code for Microsoft Visual C++
versions 6 and .NET, Metrowerks Codewarrior version 8, and Gnu C++.

The new version (3.0) differs from the previous one (2.0, released in 2001)
largely in support for different compilers and availability of a native-mode
graphics version for MacOS X.

For details see this web page:
(note that this is an ftp: rather than an http: link).

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