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Fri Mar 19 14:43:09 EST 2004

My book "Inferring Phylogenies" will very soon have another printing, and we
want to correct as many of the typographical and algebraic errors as we can.
I have posted a web site with the (too many) that we have found so far:

I would like to request that people knowing of further errors let me know,
if possible within the next few days.  The publisher (Sinauer) and I
promise to send one copy of the reprinting to each person who tells me of
20 new errors.  They have to be ones that I agree really are errors, and that
are not on our errors list and have not previously been reported to me.  That
means that of two people who report the same new error, the first to do so
gets credited with the report. If you can respond, a response in the next week
would be most helpful.  Thanks for your help.

(note the anti-spam-modified email address from below from which you should
remove the "removethispart.")
Joe Felsenstein         joe at removethispart.gs.washington.edu
 Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
 University of Washington, Box 357730, Seattle, WA 98195-7730 USA

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