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EMBO World Programme (Brasil) - last call

James McInerney james.o.mcinerney at MAY.IE
Mon Sep 27 11:06:45 EST 2004

Hi folks,

EMBO are funding the registration fee, accommodation and food for a small
number of students that wish to attend the EMBO World programme course on
the theory and practice of Phylogenetic Analysis and its application in a
high throughput framework.

Before applying, please take a look at the website for the course:


EMBO might also fund the travel costs, but this will be a separate
application to EMBO.  The closing date for applicants is October 1st. We ar=
especially trying to encourage the participation of students from South and
Central America.

The course contents include:

Lectures =3D 17.5 hours =3D 33%
Practical work =3D 25 hours =3D 47%
Demonstrations =3D 3 hours =3D 5.5%
Student presentations =3D 2 hours =3D 3.5%
Seminars =3D 6 hours =3D 11%
Total =3D 53.5 hours

Monday 1st November
 0900-1000 Introduction =AD Prof T. Martin Embley.
 1000-1030 Coffee and discussion
 1030-1200 Multiple sequence alignment =AD Dr. James McInerney
 1200-1300 Student introduction and poster presentation (I).
 1300-1400 Lunch
 1400-1800 Practical =AD Alignment and high throughput alignment methods.
 1800-1900 Seminar =AD Dr. Mark Wilkinson.
 2000 Dinner.

Tuesday 2nd November
 0900-1000 Distance Matrix Methods =AD Prof T. Martin Embley
 1000-1030 Coffee and discussion
 1030-1200 Maximum Parsimony =AD Dr. Mark Wilkinson.
 1200-1300 Student Introduction and poster presentation (II).
 1400-1800.Demonstration =AD PAUP software.
 1500-1800 Practical =AD Phylogenetic Analysis Using PAUP
 1800-1900 Seminar Dr. Robert Hirt.
 2000 Dinner

Wednesday 3rd November
 0900-1000 Maximum Likelihood =AD Dr. Peter Foster.
 1000-1030 Coffee and discussion.
 1030-1300 Bayesian Inference =AD Dr. Peter Foster.
 1300-1400 Lunch
 1400-1800 Practical (Likelihood and Bayesian Inference).
 1800-1900 Seminar =AD Dr James McInerney
 2000 Dinner.

Thursday 4th November
 0900-1000 Protein Phylogenies =AD Dr. Robert Hirt.
 1000-1030 Coffee and Discussion
 1030-1300 Protein Phylogenetics =AD Dr. Robert Hirt.
 1300-1400 Lunch
 1400-1700 Practical =AD Protein Phylogenetics.
 1700-1800 Demonstration =ADPhylogenetic Analysis: beginning to end.
 1800-1900 Seminar Dr. Gilson Manfrio.
 2000 Dinner.

Friday 5th November
 0900-1000 Robustness of data and Hypotheses =AD Dr. Mark Wilkinson.
 1000-1030 Coffee and Discussion.
 1030-1300 Phylogenetic Supertrees and total evidence =AD Dr. Mark Wilkinso=
and Dr. James
 1300-1400 Lunch
 1400-1800 Practical =AD Phylogenetic Supertrees
 1800-1900 Seminar =AD Prof T. Martin Embley.
 2000 Dinner.

Saturday 6th November
 0900-1000 High throughput Phylogenomics (i) =AD Dr. James McInerney
 1000-1030 Coffee and Discussion
 1030-1300 High throughput Phylogenomics (ii) =AD Dr. James McInerney
 1300-1400 Lunch
 1400-1500 Demonstration =AD Phylogenomic pipeline development.
 1500-1800 Practical =AD Phylogenomics.
 1800-1900 Seminar =AD Dr. Peter Foster.
 2000 Course Dinner

Sunday 7th November
 0900-1000 Round table discussion (I).
 1000-1030 Coffee and discussion.
 1030-1300 Round table discussion (II).
 1300-1400 Lunch.
 1400-1800 Practical - Student data analysis and clarification of practical
points =AD All lecturers.
 1800 Course ends.

Dr. James O. McInerney,
Bioinformatics Laboratory,
Department of Biology, National University of Ireland,
Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
P: +353 1 708 3860
F: +353 1 708 3845
E: james.o.mcinerney at may.ie
Take a look at our website --- http://bioinf.may.ie/


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