Last rites declaration of Ioannes Paulus PP. II (Karol Wojtyla)

Des Higgins dazzhiggins at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 14 04:04:12 EST 2005

Hiya Jerry:

actually I do not mind at all and sorry if it sounded tetchy; I was just
trying to be witty.


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> Des,
> Be assured that I did not approve this message for posting. Nor do I see
> it
> listed on my usenet news server. Occasionally, spam messages do seem to
> circumvent the moderation process -- again I have rarely seen them myself
> when I check my usenet server.
> You (and other readers of this newsgroup) might be interested to hear that
> the administration of the bionet newsgroups will soon be transferred to
> the
> Biology Department at Indiana University and the moderation methodology
> will
> change. Perhaps, this will preclude such failures in the future.
> _____
> Jerry Learn
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> co-moderator of bionet.molbio.evolution
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>> The Holy See - The Holy Father - John Paul IIehhhh; I do not wish to be a
>> grouch but I thought this newsgroup was moderated :-)

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