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[Molecular-evolution] postdoctoral position

Artyom Kopp akopp at ucdavis.edu
Tue Dec 20 15:28:02 EST 2005

Postdoctoral position

Intraspecific variation in developmental pathways.

Dear colleagues,

We are looking for an exceptionally capable and motivated 
postdoctoral fellow prepared to take the leading role in a study 
aimed at connecting variation in DNA sequences, developmental 
pathways, and adult phenotypes.  The three-year, NSF-funded position 
can start as early as March 1, 2006.  Experience in population 
genetics, bioinformatics, and analysis and management of large 
sequence data sets is a big plus.

The goal of this project is to understand how DNA sequence variation 
affects gene expression, and how differences in gene expression 
translate into phenotypic variation, using the Drosophila bric a brac 
(bab) locus as a model.  The bab locus, which consists of two closely 
related transcription factors, is responsible for ~60% of genetic 
variation in female cuticular pigmentation in a natural population of 
D. melanogaster.  bab also affects the development of other sexually 
dimorphic traits, including the sex comb, abdominal sternite 
bristles, and terminal filaments in the ovary.  We will sequence the 
entire 200-kb bab genomic region from 100 isogenic lines and identify 
the SNPs and other molecular polymorphisms associated with phenotypic 
differences among lines.  Simultaneously, population-genetic 
approaches will be used to understand the evolutionary forces that 
control the distribution of these polymorphisms in nature.  We will 
then quantify the levels of bab transcripts in phenotypically 
divergent lines, and use this data to understand the impact of 
molecular polymorphisms and their interactions on gene expression and 
development. Finally, we will analyze DNA sequence and expression 
variation in the upstream regulators and downstream targets of the 
Bab transcription factors to understand how genetic variation is 
transmitted through developmental pathways.  The ultimate goal of the 
project is to develop a predictive model that links molecular, 
developmental, and phenotypic variation in natural population.

The project involves a close collaboration between two labs:  Artyom 
Kopp's (developmental genetics/ genomics/ evolution of development) 
and Sergey Nuzhdin's (quantitative molecular genetics and genomics). 
The research environment at UC - Davis will offer the postdoctoral 
fellow an excellent chance to interact and collaborate with many 
other people working in the fields of evolutionary genetics and 
genomics.  Northern California, where Davis is located, offers a 
variety of recreational opportunities as well.  More information 
about UC - Davis can be found in the links below.
Kopp lab:		http://www2.eve.ucdavis.edu/kopplab/
Nuzhdin lab:	http://nlab.ucdavis.edu/node/view/177
Evolution and Ecology:	http://www-eve.ucdavis.edu/
UCD Genome Center: 
College of Biological Sciences:	http://www.dbs.ucdavis.edu/
City of Davis:		http://www.ci.davis.ca.us/visitors.cfm

If interested, please contact Artyom Kopp at akopp at ucdavis.edu
Artyom Kopp
Section of Evolution and Ecology   and
Center for Genetics and Development
University of California - Davis
Davis, CA 95616 USA
lab (530) 752-8328
office (530) 752-8657
fax (530) 752-9014
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